Page design

Speaker Ad

How do you do a full-page broadsheet newspaper ad on a speaker coming to visit when you are running short on time and do not have action photos of the speaker? Good question. In this case, I made it look like a bulletin board posting, complete with Lionel Richie’s afro showing.

Newman Fall Ad

The fall Newman newspaper ad. I didn’t think much of this photo I took of my nephew until I needed something that looked super reflection to go along with the Pope’s words. Might be my favorite design ever.


The Newman bulletin for 01.22.12. I wanted something that could simply convey the church’s stance on abortion in a creative way: Not too preachy but something that could grab your attention. I think this did the trick.


The Newman Bulletin for 10.31.10. I think we are the only Church bulletin that has Buddy Jesus on the front cover.


The Newman bulletin that coincided with the Respect for Life celebration. This remains my favorite design project I’ve ever done. The photo just fits so well with the heartbreaking abortion story.

exorcistad_Layout 2

A real exorcist spoke on campus. My goal was to create a full-page newspaper advertisement that had a eerie feeling to it without going overboard and cliche. I think the candles in the shape of a cross fit that bill nicely.


Some people hated this front page, thinking that a Homer Simpson quote didn’t convey the seriousness of the story (the House failing to pass a bill everyone was counting on). However, when I saw the picture of Homer screaming on the AP wire, I had to use it on the front page, as opposed to the standard congressman press conference photo that everyone else would use. Other people absolutely loved it. One of the highlights of my design career.


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